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2014 – Getting more done by doing less.

2014 – Getting more done by doing less.

focusI like hobbies,  I like everything really. I dream that I could hook up to the Matrix and download whatever I needed straight to my brain. I may have a little Attention Deficiency.  I have TONS of ideas that I want to try.  I have no time or extra money to do them.

In my younger days I tried to do all the hobbies that interested me, I got nothing done and I had a ton of unfinished projects (I did became a pretty good skier).  About 6 or 7 years ago my “willing to try new things” got me bit by the Auto Racing bug.  All I knew was that I wanted to go auto racing, but it is expensive and all consuming hobby and I took a really long look at my priorities. I decided that all my other hobbies had to go if I wanted to go racing. Within just a short while (minus a job/finical bump) I had built a race car and got my license. BAM! Racecar driver. (Note I have taken the last year off from racing to buy a 2nd house, but 2014 I am going back to racing)

My business  ideas and hunger is much the same as my hobbies.  I have decided that the only way I am going to make alot of progress on the business is to cut it to the core and focus.  In 2014 I am putting my effort into and  I am going to be making a time and finical investments in these sites to make them successful.

Site Traffic down, 3 reasons why.

Site Traffic down, 3 reasons why.

I normally don’t concern myself over the site traffic for this blog.  mainly because this is just a random mess of my thoughts and what gets real traffic is not really related to my over theme of the site.  But just a quick overview of my traffic shows that I have lost about 35% of my traffic in the last 3 months.blog2

Lack of updates 
There is no one to blame but myself.  I have just not dedicated the time and priority to doing the updates.  I am dedicating myself in 2014 to update my sites and add to new content regularly. I am going to have to sacrifice time elsewhere.  I now have 2 hours on a train almost everyday that I am not traveling. I will have to use this time to be more productive.

Random and off topic 
Well this site will always be my outlet for whatever I want, I do have a feeling it will soon fall into more of a business and entrepreneurship track.  My other sites I am working on a better plan for.  (Related Post: Getting More Done by doing less)

I am hopefully past the downtime problems I have had in the past.  I am up and running on my new host and besides a slight configuration error, things are working swimmingly.  I also plan to move some of my more crucial sites to their own droplets so one site’s traffic (or bug) doesnt take them all down.

Happy New Year 2014! – Resolutions Part 1

Happy New Year 2014! – Resolutions Part 1

ResolutionsHappy 2014 everybody!.  Holy crap where did 2013 go?  I gotta get moving!

I have set some resolutions for 2014 to move my personal brand and businesses to the next level.

Right now these are the “Outlines” that I am still putting some hard number goals around. I will also be doing expanded blog posts on most of these topics.

  1. Write a blog post for each site every month.
  2. Do a video post every month.
  3. Invest serious money into my business.
  4. Invest in my personal development.
  5. Forget the formality and just do it.
  6. Get to back to my goal weight and stay there.
  7. Become a thought leader in the call center space.


10 Steps to move WordPress off Amazon EC2

10 Steps to move WordPress off Amazon EC2

512px-CERN_Server_03As I wrote in my previous post, I have moved my sites off Amazon EC2 to a Droplet at DigitalOcean.

This is not a detailed step by step, but this is broad strokes that I used to move my EC2 Ubuntu WordPress site to my DigitalOcean Ubuntu LAMP droplet.

I was running 10 plus WordPress sites on one mirco EC2.  several are using WP multisite.  The database was an RDS store.

Step 1.  Download a copy of my  /var/www directory

Step 2. Do a MySql dump of the database

Step 3. Upload the /var/www to the new server

Step 4. Restore the mySql dump file on the new server

Step 5. Setup MySql permissions and edit WP congif files to match.

Step 6. Copy vHost files and run a2ensite

Step 7.Point domain names to new ip address

Step 8. Give www-data the proper write access.

Step 9. TEST TEST TEST the sites on the new server

Step 10. Shutdown EC2 instance and Delete EC2 and RDS.

Bonus Step 11. Pocket the $65 a month I am saving

Moving Off Amazon AWS EC2 to DigitalOcean

Moving Off Amazon AWS EC2 to DigitalOcean

In some of my previous posts I talk about how I have moved this site and my others to and from several Hosts.

My site started with GoDaddy then moved to 1and1 and was with 1and1 for many years till my site really stated to slowdown there.

I moved some of my sites back to godaddy they were ok for a while too then things stated to get slow there too.

I eventually bit the bullet and went with an Amazon EC2 and RDS.  the cost was much higher than I had been paying with Godaddy or 1and1 but my hope was that it was going to be fast and stable.  On the EC2 it was fast but soon I was having to restart my instance once a day to be stable.  Keep in mind, I run about 10 low traffic sites . The EC2 and RDS on Amazon I thought would run me about $30 a month, but lately my costs have been skyrocketing to $70+ a month.  Most of which are from I/O costs.

So I have made the move to DigitalOcean for an amazing price of $5 per month.  I may have to move up to their $10 a month plan once all my sites are moved over.

The server is amazingly fast and now I will test how reliable I find them.

Time for a site revamp

Time for a site revamp

I have been crazy busy like usual, but pretty much all my time has been going to one of my clients.   Now this are calming down with this client I plan on making more progress online.

I hope to have a new site design by the end of the week for this site and a few others.

Since more and more of what I am doing is business related I think this site will move in that direction, but this is still a place for me to put reviews and whatever I feel like.

Running WordPress on Amazon AWS

Running WordPress on Amazon AWS

I happy to say that I have a good chunk of my sites up and running on a my EC2 instance. Site performance is pretty good compared to what it was. The only hiccup was some broken links due to a change in permalinks. Additionally, my adsense plugin what causing an error with yoast xml sitemaps. I changed to a different adsense plugin and all was fixed

Managing the Vhosts in Apache is pretty easy, but a little time consuming when setting up the sites.

My next challenge is figuring out mod_rewrite for some of the landing pages.

Site Changes – New Host, New Theme

Site Changes – New Host, New Theme

Hello you sexy visitors and blog readers:
I have just moved this site to a new host and I am working out some of the bugs.  I reverted back to a simpler theme for the time being.  I hope this site is still usefull for all of you.  Thank You,  Dan Pereda

Building a Ruby on Rails Development Machine on Windows 7

Building a Ruby on Rails Development Machine on Windows 7

So now that I have a new laptop (see post here, here, and here)  I am going to change my RoR Dev enviroment from Linux to windows.  or atleast I am going to try.

First stop: and pretty much that is all you need.  I like a few more things.

Cygwin- Hint instill using admin rights,

Sublime text 2

Add new SSH Keys to github and bitbucket.

I think I am ready to go…..  Ohhh yeah Coffee!