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Being a parent is hard

Wow captain obvious! I was prepared for almost all of it but here is what I didn’t expect. 1. Caring so much it hurts. I feel this is only somthing you can understand once you are a parent. I rarely worry or stress about...

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New Year New Knowledge

I am working diligently at expanding my personal knowledge with a goal of completing some of the bigger project ideas I have. I am pretty good with smaller DevOps projects, or at least enough to get by, but that is not enough...

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I dumped Google Fi

So after about 20 Days on FI i was over my 10 gigs of data.  the coverage was not really better than T-mobile in my area except in the train tunnel, but it was not worth the cost.   Canceling my account and porting my...

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Blogging and posting

I am working on a ton of other projects and work is killing me, so i have not had the chance to update this site in a while. I am hoping that as I build some new sites that I have something to post here, more often. Working on...

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Server down as mysql corrupted

So I have been struggling the last few days with keeping my sever up.   I thought I was simply running out of memory and I probably was.  Today nothing I did would work to bring it back up. In the end it seemed...

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