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Dell Venue Pro 8

I picked up my new train companion the other day.  I bought a used 64gb version. I am still getting used to windows 8.1, but it is really getting alot of use.  I have a case and bluetooth keyboard on the way and I hope that it...

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Testing myself and a new mini blog

I have put up my own separate mini blog just to document some of the things I have worked on and some of the things I continue to work on. Part of that is challenging my self.  I have started working on...

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App Academy application process – Part 1

So a few days after I submitted my application I received the first Challenge. In the instructions of the challenge invitation, there were links to resources and samples.  I took 2 days to fully review those resources.  You can...

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Making the move to becoming a Developer

I having been playing with the idea of becoming a developer/programmer for a while now.  I have taken a few online course, but the rate of learning is limited.  Also many of the online learning sources are great to get you...

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