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Google Project Fi – Nexus 6p review Day 1

Google Project Fi – Nexus 6p review Day 1

IMG_20151103_092836Today I had my first commute with the new service.

630 am – 1040am Battery down to 47%. Not great it is about the same with my 2yo note 3.

Youtube streaming the whole train ride (train delayed)

Streaming Music during walk to the office and in the shower

800 MB of data used ūüôĀ according tot he phone ¬†but only .04gb of data on Google Fi That is only 40 MB. ¬†WOW! (maybe this is delayed. I will wait and see)update I did use 800 mb it was a delay in the First dashboard

I still hit some of my dead spots and there were good chunks of the tunnel that were dead  but I was able to atleast get 3g for about 50% of the tunnel.


Testing the Camera Р I took both these photos while I was moving. I do not stop!  Both are taking photos of mixed lighting conditions. The software image stabilization is amazing.  the bottom image looks fuzzy at first but if you zoom in, it is really clear, it is more of the haze that is in the air over NYC.IMG_20151103_092916

Google Project Fi – Testing do you use less data?

Google Project Fi – Testing do you use less data?

My Project Fi testing and review.

I have wanted to test Google’s Project Fi service for a while. 2 things have been stopping me.

  1. I needed to buy a new phone that works with it
  2. I have unlimited data with T-mobile and I use alot of data.

With the a new Nexus 6P about to arrive at my door any day now, my first excuse was gone.

I currently commute 4 hours a day 3-4 days a week right now and I chew thru data like crazy while trying to pass the time or be productive. I hit close to 10GB a month pretty consistently. on Google Fi that will cost me close to $120 a month.   I have unlimited with T-mobile at $70 a month that works out to be $78 out the door.

Why would I ever switch?

  1. I think there is chance that I could use less data on Fi. Fi uses Sprint, T-mobile and WiFi hot spots and data is free over hotspots. and there are alot of hotspots along my commute. including Cablevison that runs its own mobile service over it’s wifi hotspots. as a Cablevision customer i get access to those hotspots as well.
    • Why doesn’t this work today?¬† it isn’t smart enough without google fi’s system. ¬†EX: If i am on hotspot A and request a website, but since i am moving by the time the website comes back I am on to hotspot B. the webpage data thinks I am still at Hotspot A and can’t route it to me. ¬†Fi’s could brain should be able to figure this all out.
  2. Improved Service coverage.  Since Fi uses 3 different networks at once, coverage should be better than t-mobile alone.  T-mo is pretty good in my area, but there are chunks of my train ride where data coverage drops out for good amounts of time. Not to mention no coverage in any of the tunnels or subways.  I am not sure is Sprint has coverage there either, but i am gonna test it.


Risks of going to Google Fi .

  1. They will screw up my google voice number.  I think this risk is low, but that is the number everyone knows and I do business on.
  2. The service will be shut down. It is called “PROJECT” Fi and the word Project doesn’t seem to inspire confidence that the service is a fully developed product that Google is committed to. The big G has a history of shutting down projects on a whim or because of “Insert corporate BS here”.
  3. Monitoring and Privacy – Google already knows more about me than I ever will, what is giving them this too going to change?


My Fi sim card will be here shortly. I am not letting go on my t-mo plan yet so I can test them side by side and let you know who comes out on top.

Dell Venue Pro 8 – Not charging

Dell Venue Pro 8 – Not charging

Dell Venue Pro 8 – Not charging.
This is a pretty common reported issue with this device, but the reality is that people are assuming any Micro USB cable and charger will work.  They Will NOT.

When in doubt use the supplied cable and charger together. 99% of the time this will work.

The issue is this tablet needs a 2 amp power source AND a charge only cable (charge only cables have the data pins shorted). Some cables dont work no matter what.   For example: the cable that came with my Chromecast will not work not matter what charger I am using.

The stock Dell cable will work with the stock charger, my samsung charger, my google nexus 7 charger and my battery pack.  The stock cable will not charge when plugged in to a Pc, or USB hub or an older charging device.

I have noticed my Samsung cable will work with my Nexus7 charger, but will not work with my other 2amp wall chargers.  Lots of reports that Nexus7 charger is smart enough to short the right pins as needed.

Dell Venue Pro 8

Dell Venue Pro 8

I picked up my new train companion the other day.  I bought a used 64gb version.

I am still getting used to windows 8.1, but it is really getting alot of use.  I have a case and bluetooth keyboard on the way and I hope that it will make it a ton more usefull.  Even tho it is a full desktop version of windows, I do miss some of my apps (like google hangouts).


More to come after i really get to put it to the test.