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Blogging again and other updates

Blogging again and other updates

My Why: I have been struggling with the purpose of this site, then I realized that the site is for me and not really anyone else.  I use it as a tool to look back and remember what I was doing in the past or as a public tracker to hold me accountable.   It is also a place for me to test new server configs and other web experiments.

The Server:   I am still on Digital Ocean but I have streamlined and optimized my droplets.   I have moved keys sites to their own droplet and moved bunch of smaller sites on to one droplet.    In the mass reconfiguration I moved this site in a mad dash.  I did it quick and dirty and I did not reinstall any plugins or add any ads or other normal WordPress tools.  I am working on bringing some of these features back.

The Business:   I own and run a few part time companies.   I will say that things have been on the slower side for me lately.   I feel that I have spent too much time working in my business rather on it for too long.   This have left them in need of repair so to speak.  I am now in a rebuilding/redefining phase of the different companies.  I am pairing down the functions that I do not enjoy doing or don’t offer me growth (even if they are proven money makers) and investing in things that push me outside my comfort zone or are most important to me.

The Person: Me that is.   I am really working on me and trying to rebuild me in the image I have of me.   I have alot things I want to do  and running out of time to do them in.   I am trying to do the really hard stuff and define where I want to be and how to get there.  I truly believe this is a life long effort.  Next year will not be about me, it will be about the next generation.

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Focus and gratitude are my themes for 2016.

Focus and gratitude are my themes for 2016.

Reviewing the last year and pondering what I want to accomplish for 2016.

My Family has a HUGE project we are working on this year called Project Bubble.  This may take a few years, but I will share more when I can.

Personally, I always have a ton of goals and things I want to accomplish during the year. I could list them out, but that wouldn’t accomplish anything. I think it is better to explain how I hope to have a better year than 2015.

My First Goal is Focus:

I love bright shiny objects, the gotta have gizmo, or the exciting new business venture, but I am just spreading myself to thin. I stated off this year but shutting down a business and I will continue to cut things out this year, to focus on my top priorities.  I have outlined my top priorities and I have 5 of them right now.

  1. Project Bubble
  2. Self development
  3. Expand Business Consulting
  4. Passion Project (Content)
  5. Passion Project (Action)

My 2nd Goal is Gratitude

2015 posed a TON of challenges for my family and I, but when you really look hard it was filled with great success as well. My goal is to realize and appreciate the success as it happens.  I have a pretty great life and I need to realize it, in the moment.

New for 2016, lets start by shutting down a business.

New for 2016, lets start by shutting down a business.

As part of a challenge with a buddy of mine, we both agreed we needed some motivation and we challenged each other build and launch a business in 30 days.

I am happy to say that I found a Niche, built a website and started selling a product in 30 days.

What I learned is that I don’t enjoy retailing a physical product. I was selling a real physical product online.    While retailing one low margin product was just the start of the plan. Adding new products was key to the long term Success.

I really started running the math and the work involved. I needed to add ALOT more products and ALOT more sales to make it worth my time.   When I got right down to it, I didn’t enjoy it and wasn’t excited to expand it.    I have alot of exciting projects to work on that I much more passionate about.

This business was a fun challenge, but the opportunity cost of running it was to expensive and I should be working on something I am more passionate about, like helping other small businesses.