My current busy schedule doesn’t give me much free time to learn new things, but I burning the midnight oil to learn Ruby on Rails. I don’t like to make things easy on myself either. I forced myself to use Ubuntu (10.04).

I spent the last few nights not doing much in the way of learning ruby and rails. I was really focused on getting my Ubuntu 10.04 development environment up and running. i also took a detour to learn about GIT and github.

GIT and Gihub are not hard, but there is not that many resources that teach you what GIT is and how it work from the ground up. Most if the information out there just assume you know what it is and WHY you need to use it.

I did get rails and everything working from the Command line, but I also install Radrails and there was some glitches getting it to work. I got thru a few chapters of the book and have an outline of the DEMO shopping cart system working. Hopefully now I can pick up the pace and start working on my own ideas soon.