Our First Android App, and its a BlackJack!

Our First Android App, and its a BlackJack!

UPDATE 6:40AM EST We Have released Black Jack Basic Strategy

    This is a chart of proper Basic Strategy in Black Jack.
    This is our first app we have ever released. This is still in beta and we know it needs work.
    We have a range of updates coming soon.
    Upcoming Features:
    – Set location (Vegas, Atlantic City, Other).
    – Set number of Decks in use.
    – And more.

    Thank you for trying this out, Please leave comments.

Hopefully today we will release our first Android app.

This post will be updated as things progress.

If you have the app, please leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “Our First Android App, and its a BlackJack!

  1. Yes, we’re interested! Preferably with some mildly-customizable rulesets. (Example: dealer hit/stand on soft 17, doubling after split, etc. This will allow us to practice for very specific cruise ships.) Keep up the good work, no matter what! (I would be willing to pay $50 for a FULLY-customizable app, and $30-40 for one that allowed for 2,4, or 8 decks, soft-17 toggle, insurance toggle, double-after-split toggle, re-split toggle, and surrender toggle.)

  2. Please make a full version. I’ve been looking for an app that’s similar to http://www.hitorstand.net In the interactive full version it would be great if I could set location, # of decks but ideally it would be great if I could pick between basic strategy but also sugest a few types of counting strategy. It would show multiple players, possibly actual users, and display running count/actual count and hints if I choose wrong. To count you need to show up with 100 times the min. Bet and a group so its unliky I’m going to use it but it would be a new challenge.

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