I have been a T-mobile G1 user since it launched. I am normally not a “PHONE GEEK” in that I dont need to have the newest phone, but my G1 is really starting to slow down with all the normal apps running.

I have been doing the math to see what the best option is. Since I am an existing t-mobile customer, this is kind of tricky.
I am currently on the 1000 Mins voice Unlimited web/text for 69.99 no contract.

1. Buy the unsubsidized phone at 529 dollars
2. Cancel my account and get the Subsidized phone for 179. plus 79.99 a month for a lesser plan for a 2 year contract
3.Take the upgrade at 379 + 79 a month. for a 2 year contract

I dont consider the 2 year contract a negitive here as the phone is pretty much useless in the US without t-mobile.(Can be used on ATT with out 3G but what is the point of that?). I am also working my math pretending that I have the 59.99 dollar 500 min plan comes standard from Google.

Option 1:
My additional cost is just the 529 for the phone.

Option 2:
Difference in Plan Price 59.99-79.99= +20 a month for 2 years = +480 for the Service
179.99 for the phone = Grand total additional is 659 bucks

Option 3.
Difference in Plan Price 59.99-79.99= +20 a month for 2 years = +480 for the Service
379 for the Phone = A whopping 859 dollars extra

Running the math further there is no sound reason to get the subsidized phone. Everyone is better off buying the phone outright by putting the 529.00 on a credit card that gets 20% interest and paying it off over 2 years This also allows you to get a cheaper plan or use t-mobil’s fantastic Family plans.