Auto Racing is like Soccer!

Auto Racing is like Soccer, The rest of the world can’t see to get enough of it, but Americans don’t really care about it.

I find it interesting of the opposing view points from reading F1 Blog and watching FastLane Daily. It is funny how F1 Blog seems to think that Americans have no idea what F1 is and FLD seems to think F1 is doing great in the US and Grand-Am is doing horrible. The major theme I get out of it is “Auto Racing in America, Is it Entertaining?”

NASCAR: It is the one popular racing sport in the US and here is why I think it is popular. Oval Races are easy to watch live, you can see everything that is going on. There are fun Friday night and Saturday night races going on all over the country. Going to the race is also a social experience in small towns, Over time this translates in to following the pro guys. Going to Pro NASCAR Race is a mini vacation, beer fest, tailgate party, It is not just about the Racing.

What is it that Americans don’t like about other Racing?

  • Americans can not relate to a race or a how hard it is to be a good driver. It looks so easy, there is not enough of a challenge(in the Avg American’s eyes).
  • If they are slightly interested and you want to go see a race live, it pretty much sucks live. You really only get a view of one corner at a time and to go see another corner it is a 1 mile hike. There are no jumbotrons at most tracks, either.
  • There are not many hometown heroes to root for, Most Drivers come from other countries.
  • Weak Story lines. Ok I watch one race, I have no vested interest in any of the drivers or teams, I don’t really care who wins, why would I watch next week?  This is where the announcers need to step up their game.  (I need to give Credit the World Challenge for inserting the coin flip. I don’t like the coin flip, but I like that they were trying to spark things up)  Our Announcers Assume two things, 1 The audience knows nothing about what they are watching and tries to explain everything, or 2 They assume we are true fans and know everything and we will always tune in.  They need something more.
  • AMLS and Grand-Am,  Your Races are too Long.  If you had a major fan base already, 2.5 hours would be fine, but getting someone to commit 2.5 hours time to something they know nothing about is very hard.

I am a racer and a race fan and even I can’t watch a full race.  I am looking at the racer’s aspect,  I am looking at racing lines, passing techniques and pit strategy.  I am also pressed for time to watch racing and do my own.  I am watching F1, AMLS, Gram-am(both broadcasts),WRC, DTM, V8 Supercars, BTCC and WTCC (when I can get them).  I will also watch Nascar and Indy cars when they are on a road course.

What do you think American Racing needs?

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