Apple announced the launch of CarPlay today.  My initial reaction is UGH! NO! and my bias is based with my experience with BMW and Apple.   Current BMWs integrate with Apple and only Apple.  I dont like this. I am not an Apple guy and if i was I don’t like my $40,000 + car being locked down to one eco system.  My cars I keep for a long time like 10 years or so, but my phone i change every year currently.

As a business move I think Apple is a genius.  they are going out and making it very hard for users to choose another Ecosystem.

Automakers are not the sharpest tools in the shed when it comes to consumer high tech so I am very worried about their implementation. IF they take the BMW approach, Your choice is Apple or nothing then I think this a very bad move.  If they give us options it would be great, but that means other players need to step up and offer options.  There is already Microsoft Sync, and now Apple CarPlay.  Samsung and/or Google need to step up ASAP! (or any other serious android player).

I think competition in this space could be amazing boost for the Consumer.  I can see a smart Samsung/Goolge actually subsiding its option to try and gain market share.  $1,500 -$2,500 for built in navigation in cars is ridiculous specially when I have a better piece of tech in my pocket.