So a few days after I submitted my application I received the first Challenge.

In the instructions of the challenge invitation, there were links to resources and samples.  I took 2 days to fully review those resources.  You can take as much time as you need to prepare, but when you actually start the challenge you only have a short while.

What really helped prepare me was working thru the sample problems.  Not only did it help me prepare, it was a fun challenge.  I also felt I learned alot from working the sample challenges.

Taking the Challenge

I found the coding challenge a little more difficult than I expected, but not because the puzzles were complicated. My biggest issue was the time dead line, I felt alot of pressure but i liked it, it was a good pressure.  For me one of the issues I face was being out of school for so long, I was not 100% confident in my remembering certain mathematical definitions.  Nothing that a quick Google search couldn’t solve, to reassure my self but it ate some of the time. In Ruby there is always more than one way to do something and I would struggle back and forth testing one way or the other.


I think getting ready for the next challenge and just better myself I am going to work on a few more quizes/challenges just to get my mind in to thinking like a programmer.