App Academy application process – Part 1

App Academy application process – Part 1

So a few days after I submitted my application I received the first Challenge.

In the instructions of the challenge invitation, there were links to resources and samples.  I took 2 days to fully review those resources.  You can take as much time as you need to prepare, but when you actually start the challenge you only have a short while.

What really helped prepare me was working thru the sample problems.  Not only did it help me prepare, it was a fun challenge.  I also felt I learned alot from working the sample challenges.

Taking the Challenge

I found the coding challenge a little more difficult than I expected, but not because the puzzles were complicated. My biggest issue was the time dead line, I felt alot of pressure but i liked it, it was a good pressure.  For me one of the issues I face was being out of school for so long, I was not 100% confident in my remembering certain mathematical definitions.  Nothing that a quick Google search couldn’t solve, to reassure my self but it ate some of the time. In Ruby there is always more than one way to do something and I would struggle back and forth testing one way or the other.


I think getting ready for the next challenge and just better myself I am going to work on a few more quizes/challenges just to get my mind in to thinking like a programmer.

5 thoughts on “App Academy application process – Part 1

  1. Did you take the second coding challenge and if so, what was that like, was it what you expected and prepared for? Once you complete the first coding challenge, were you given new prep materials to study for the second challenge?

    1. There is no additional study material. Part 2 was hard for me and resulted in me not making it. My issue was time. I needed at least twice the amount of time.
      My suggestions is to know rubymonk and code academy like the back of your hand and be able to do project euler questions quickly. Any way you can learn to know the best loop for any given task. I wasted alot of time trying one loop when the another was the best way to do it.

  2. what kinds of math definitions do you need to know? I have also been out of school for a while. I’m starting to feel pretty comfortable with Ruby but since you mentioned math definitions now I feel like going over my math skills. Do you think I should?

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