I had been using the adsense deluxe plugin from acmetech.com for years. Last night after upgrading wordpress the plugin stopped working. I found it has been upgraded by blogetery.com http://blogetery.com/blog/adsense-deluxe2/

The new plug in works just like the old one at first. I have not had a chance to open of the php file yet, but here are the things that I think need work after using it for only a few hours.

1.The first thing I noticed is that it automatically puts an ad on every post and I have not found a way to turn this feature off with out turning off other ads.
2. On the home page it only shows 3 ads on the entire page and I have not found a way to adjust it. While I know this is in line with the adsense TOS, I used this tool for other things besides adsense. For example to get around issue #1 I created a blank ad as default, but it still will not display more than 3.
3. Lack of documentation. All the functions of this plugin, what it does, how it works, or how to change it are missing.

Overall it does what I want it to do and I hope after digging in to the code I can find how to make it perfect for me.