Acer Aspire, Windows Vista and MSN live messanger getting a DEP error… Updated

I just bought a new Acer Aspire laptop (5610-2273). I t was on sale at best buy for 599.99. I have been looking to build a small form factor pc that I could travel with. I was planning running Linux and do some PVR work with it. Pricing it out I was gonna end up spending 500 bucks. When I cam across this laptop it fit my needs, was easy and would let we try out Vista.

so far I can say I don’t really like vista, the specs on this laptop is the same as my dell laptop running XP and the XP machine seems much better. That is for some other post.

I open my new Vista machine and I installed MSN live messenger. I put in my username and password and I get a message saying that windows has to close messenger due to a DEP error. “Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature that helps prevent damage from viruses and other security threats by monitoring your programs to make sure they use system memory safely.”

I tried a dozen different things to fix this problem. Then I read to try installing an old version of messenger. I went and found Messenger version 6. Installed that fine then it told me I had to upgrade. I upgraded to 7.0 and messenger finally works now.

UPDATE: I upgraded to Messenger 8 and the DEP error came back again. Acer now has a patch on their website to fix this. I hate Vista. OK all; sorry for the delay I was on vacation in Vegas. Keep an EYE out for those post coming up.

Here is the link to the Bug report on Acer’s web site – Here

Here is the link to download the patch — Here

File transfer with vista is really slow

34 thoughts on “Acer Aspire, Windows Vista and MSN live messanger getting a DEP error… Updated

  1. Thaliapooh says:

    Hey there, i so know wat ur talking bout coz i just bought an acer aspire too (5570z) the machine is great but Vista so disspointed me too. and the DEP msg is kinda irritating. so i feel u pain. but i am gonna go check on the patch for that and see if it fixes it.
    keep safe

  2. RM Hdez says:

    OMG!!…Are they working on this?….I am getting headaches with this notebook!!!

    getting the same for the MSN..
    If anyone knows how to fix …Plz add comments..
    Thanks you

  3. dan says:

    Acer Finally put a patch on their website, but their website is the slowest I have ever seen. I will post a link to it later

  4. Patrick - Vista sucks says:

    Hey there… I have the same problem.. U just said that u downloaded MSN 7.0 and now it works.. I just tried the same but mine wont work.. Hate this!!! Vista sucks man

  5. Kim says:

    I am having major problems with Acer and the new Vista program. I finally was able to get an internet going after having to go back to Circuit City to get the right disc to download the Vista version of Earthlink. There are so many internet sites that are not compatable with Vista right now. I keep getting kicked out when I try to download soemthing. I am getting all sorts of error messages and the thing (Acer) is so, so slow. It takes hours to try and download an internet site (aol) and then you may get an error message after waiting all that time. I still have not been able to get my aol account downloaded. The price was right for the Acer Aspire Laptop, but if I had known I would be experiencing these types of problems, I think I would have not made the purchase. It has been a nightmare. I can’t get the itunes going to get my ipod working. It’s just terrible.

    I keep telling myself it’s going to get better once everything is downloaded and working. But it’s the in-the-meantime, that’s driving me crazy.

    I just had to vent on this topic.

  6. Janice says:

    Acer is the worst of the worst I have ever bought and Vista is a disgrace to windows. They should bury it real deep. Neither are user friendly. I finally after extremely numerous times got messenger loaded & good luck on downloading anything else you need. This comp & windows program is a real nightmare. Hope I wake up soon!!!!!

  7. Jacq says:

    Hello fella,

    Las Vegas sounded like a hoot! will bookmark you and come back when I’m not trying to (you guessed it!) get my msn messenger to run. I have found the patch and started downloading it – then my bruv. pointed out that I probably don’t have the doohicky (software?) needed to un zip the patch.

    Do you have any info for me about this (or general set up advice) as my last laptop was a hand me down running xp – so didn’t have to engage brain to use it. LOL

    As far as liking it goes – I think it looks pretty spiffy so far, and have been grinning and giggling at it (as well as the odd frown) so its a thumbs up from me! I guess its gonna be a steep learning curve but as someone who’s world is held together with gaffer tape and superglue – a shiny new toy like this is a HUGE pleasure.

    Thanks in advance


  8. steveo says:

    man i wanted to post a comment on vista as well iv completly built my computer on windows xp home adition for 2 years i started oute with a crappy p4 2.4 ghz with 1 gig of ram that was useing all my ram slots and agp graphics on board i was upset and went amd 64 and got 2 gogs of ram in 4 slots ddr ram same as last still running xp im not good with software but with bios and hardware im your man right so i overclocked my amd to 3.1ghz and it had a gigabyte motherboard with a geforce 6100 agp on board and i used its pci slot now as soon as i bought this grforce 7900 gt ko high def video card it was haveing major problems i hooked up 2 monetors got it going well on xp professinal for a bit and was all good but that wasent enough for me no i had to try vista and bam I HATE VISTA TOO it has cool featurs and good programs WHEN THEY WORK so vistas reaction to the videocard was it wanted run agp and pci at same time or nothing atall so i got madd bleww 800 dollors got a asses motherboard with no on board graphics dule pci slots and bought the 2.60ghz dule core am2 then bought a 1 gig ddr 2 ram and have 3 more slots by this point i got a sound blaster audigy and my videocard frome other comp in it right well vista just died completely i tryed re install nope just wouldent work for me i had to spend 100 dollors on a technition to install windows iv been doing it sense i was 14 how sadd and on top of my huge post vista >>>>>>>>>>>>>WARNING>>>>>>>>>>>MADE MY SUPER GAMEING COMP A GAME CRASHING COMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jonathan Vila says:

    Having the same problem… I’m downloading the patch to see if the problems goes…! My Acer is the best thing that i bought since a Toshiba Laptop and work perfect… when I upgrade XP to Vista the problems started!!!

  10. Joanne says:

    I feel your pain guys! i got the Acer Aspire 5612zwlmi for my birthday 3 weeks ago and all i have had is trouble! this is the second time i’m am downloading this patch because my system is always needing to be restored because vista is sooo picky!!! Yet my mates think its a God send! and still has teething problems! Bring back XP till Vista is finaly complete!

    All the best with the problems guys!!!

    Jo xxx

  11. Richard says:

    before too many start smashing this system i thought i better step in. I just bought this 5570z. Im impressed. Being a gamer i was nervous about getting anytype of laptop for fear it would not stand up to my tower. This thing rocks. WoW worked flawlessly. even on full graphic settings. one prob was that before ANY of my games could run i had ot install the latest graphics driver. my screens would go black every frew seconds which sucked for pvp. I was impressed with the multi screen resolution feature (if that is what they call it) so when my game(s) are minimized, i can mouse over and a mini viewer popus up so i can watch them live if i need to check real quick what is going on (its like watching a mini tv)while i search the web for something. very slick!!! (xp only shows a text as to what the tab is for) – so far smooth, other than what some driver updates can do. I am not a fan of Microsoft but I like vista. (msn sucks because of all the security flaws, so i used trillian as my chat program which recognizes many chat programs yahoo,msn,icq,aim etc.. – maybe that is why vista is leery of the program msn).

  12. DDC says:

    I just bought an Acer Aspire 5570Z with Vista.

    I REALLY HATE THEM BOTH !!!!! I have spent hours and HOURS to get various things to work. It’s just awful. Tbe worst set up I’ve ever had. You are FORCED to go out and buy new programs that you don’t need or even want, because Vista will not work with previous software.

    Also, the Wi-Fi creates difficulty, because you’ll be using the inet, and all of a sudden it disconnects, and you can’t get it back.

    I think all the techies and software engineers get together in a global forum, at least every year, and plan how to make our lives miserable by changing things so that we are forced to buy new stuff to feed their already too-fat pockets !

  13. rani says:

    what can i say vista sucks but atleast i havent brought one yet been round to a freinds to get them up and running she only brought the damn thing so she could use messenger but guess what big problems i could probably fix it if i had a year to spare which i have but she had a headace lol so did i i defenly am not toching vista oh and by the way i have an a so i am qualfided and microsoft reconise my quafication im off to the pub now vista sucks

  14. Daniel says:

    hey i bought an ACER ASPIRE 3680 in feb this year. I know it is only a basic model but i was wondering if the latest flight simulator would work on it or something close to the equivelent. If anyone knows could you let me know.

  15. Sarah says:

    windows vista.. easily the work operating system like, ever. im guessing its just because it’s new ad they haven’t worked out all the kinks yet, but it’s still pretty damn annoying.
    As for my acer, its alright for the most part. although i have a hard time figuring out what is causing my problems.. the acer, or vista?
    i get all sorts of error messages, at least 3 times/hour.. “Internet Expolorer/Desktop Manager/Msn Messenger/etc.. has stopped working. Windows will try and find a solution to the problem.. blah, blah.. it’s definitely tiresome.

  16. ADAM says:

    i downloaded he patch asks me to install the escurity thing for the acer, i tired to do that but doesnt work on vista so i cant install it meaning i cant install this patch for msn to work. arrhh im so angry i wont msn!

  17. Mad Dog says:

    Yes Yes Vista is the best and the worst os. It seems to reflect the paranoia of our culture as of late. Getting my router printer any cd startup disk is really difficult. My yahoo email. Microsoft tech wants 30 dollars to help me get yahoo working on links reply. What gives just basic email goodness sakes. I’m not the tech guy but I am smart and a quick study but a printer won’t be recognized that’s vista compatible the stickers lie. I’ve talked to india all day to get my router working. I had to pay 80 year tech support. What a catch. I need two gigs of ram too for vista about 90 bucks I will be strong. LOL

  18. Timothy says:

    i bought this laptop too he version of vista that comes with this laptop does suck. although wat does help tho is to downgrade to either xp or install your on vista not from the d2d recovery. this way you can have just the operating system and you dont have to worrry about all the background programs that come pre installed with the notebook that does nothing except for make the system run slowly. i am running vista home premium and its running fine now i had to download a few drivers. just the wireles and card reader that you can get from online an i havent had ne problems with the machine since so you can give this a try it worked for me.

    ps. since you bought a laptop with vista home premium you can download the vista install cd legally from a p2p or torrent program and use the product key that came with the laptop
    pss. if you downgrade to xp its dumb get a small program called wpa kill and it will disable having to activate

  19. Gabriela says:

    i have the same problem with windows vista
    and that DEP program

    if i install the MSN 7.0 is it gonna

    reply please!!

  20. hiba says:

    i am having problem in msn messenger i am not able to send any emails to my contants and therfore recieving from postmaster emails saying your email cant reach the following contnts

  21. Lori says:

    I bought an acer aspire 4250 notebook a little over 2 weeks ago. I am having problems with it already. The mouse is always showing busy and the page flicks and it make a boink sound. It does this once a second or so. It is annoying and getting worse to the point i cannot use any programs. I have gone into safe mode and it does not do this. I have put my settings to original settings. I have run a virus scan. Nothing seems to help. I have emailed tech support, but have not rec’d any reply. Anyone have any ideas?

  22. SCOTT says:


  23. walter lorell says:

    I want to load onto my computer. How do i do this? My computer is an Acer with Vista operatiing system.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    After msn is working satisfactorily, I will discontiue aol.

    Thank you very much.

    Walter Lorell (

    (, hopefully, for only the briefest time period)

  24. R Murray says:

    Hi there

    I have downloaded the latest version of Windows Live Messenger onto my Acer Vista machine. I’m getting the same DEP problems others mention. The page people have been previously given with the acer website to download a “patch” is no longer there. Anyone got any advice?



  25. Jess Brazzle says:

    I attempted a subscription for your rss, but had a difficulty adding it to google reader. Could you please check this out.

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