Hello to anyone who is reading this. I have been neglecting my websites latley. I have been to busy or to lazy to add anything.
My work level and stress level have been high, while my motivation remain low.

My phonefuse site is dead in the water because of legal issues my ITSP is having with Verizon and is scared to get sued. Using another ITSP are would involve additional investment from me and I just dont have the time or the money. I am probably going to take down that PBX and save me some money.( I really want to lean how to program it but I dont have enough time) i hope to build more using Vmware on my laptop and then i will relaunch the site later down the road.

I stopped learning Ruby also cause of no time

I have started going back to school, and I only have the worst classes to finish. Calculus 1 and 2, Physics 1 and 2 and Statistics. Gosh i hate math.

I am actively shopping for an established business to buy so i can go back to working for my self.