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Month: December 2013

Updating wordpress crashes Multisite – Fixed – sorta

Updating wordpress crashes Multisite – Fixed – sorta

Today I go to update one of my WP Multisites and I crash all the sites on that install.

Downloading update from…

Unpacking the update…

Verifying the unpacked files…

Preparing to install the latest version…

Enabling Maintenance mode…

Copying the required files…

Disabling Maintenance mode…

Could not copy file.: wp-includes/js/plupload/handlers.min.js

Installation Failed

 All I get a blank page.

I pursue the error logs and I get  PHP Fatal error:  require(): Failed opening required ‘/var/www/myfolder/wp-includes/date.php’

Looks like I somehow lost the date.php file during the update.  I am trying agian, but this time I am restoring the who directory from a backup I have.


Update:   so rolling back to the saved copy worked fine, but I when I try to upgrade agian I get eh same error.  I have been thinking it is time to clear out some junk so I am just gonna copy the content to a new site.

The exciting world of bitcoin

The exciting world of bitcoin

Ok I have been avoiding it, but I am have been bitten by the bitcoin bug. Unfortunately, I am late to this party, but I figured I’d invest a very little bit just in case it really blows up.

I have not made a cash for bitcoin investment yet,but I will soon.  What I have done is commit my ideling PC to a bit coin mining pool.
Shortly after seeing the fractions of a penny roll in, I now needed better hardware.

A few hours of research and shopping I ordered two different block erupters.  I know the ROI maybe non existent anymore but, I am thinking long term value of bitcoin will be worth it.

New Server – first outage

New Server – first outage

So I have been on the new server for a week now and I just had my first outage on Christmas day. I am not really sure what happened but it seemed that MySql crashed or didn’t come back up.

A quick reboot fix the issue. I also decreased the Log level of my sites.

I have also increased the monitoring on my main sites to keep an eye on things.

10 Steps to move WordPress off Amazon EC2

10 Steps to move WordPress off Amazon EC2

512px-CERN_Server_03As I wrote in my previous post, I have moved my sites off Amazon EC2 to a Droplet at DigitalOcean.

This is not a detailed step by step, but this is broad strokes that I used to move my EC2 Ubuntu WordPress site to my DigitalOcean Ubuntu LAMP droplet.

I was running 10 plus WordPress sites on one mirco EC2.  several are using WP multisite.  The database was an RDS store.

Step 1.  Download a copy of my  /var/www directory

Step 2. Do a MySql dump of the database

Step 3. Upload the /var/www to the new server

Step 4. Restore the mySql dump file on the new server

Step 5. Setup MySql permissions and edit WP congif files to match.

Step 6. Copy vHost files and run a2ensite

Step 7.Point domain names to new ip address

Step 8. Give www-data the proper write access.

Step 9. TEST TEST TEST the sites on the new server

Step 10. Shutdown EC2 instance and Delete EC2 and RDS.

Bonus Step 11. Pocket the $65 a month I am saving

Moving Off Amazon AWS EC2 to DigitalOcean

Moving Off Amazon AWS EC2 to DigitalOcean

In some of my previous posts I talk about how I have moved this site and my others to and from several Hosts.

My site started with GoDaddy then moved to 1and1 and was with 1and1 for many years till my site really stated to slowdown there.

I moved some of my sites back to godaddy they were ok for a while too then things stated to get slow there too.

I eventually bit the bullet and went with an Amazon EC2 and RDS.  the cost was much higher than I had been paying with Godaddy or 1and1 but my hope was that it was going to be fast and stable.  On the EC2 it was fast but soon I was having to restart my instance once a day to be stable.  Keep in mind, I run about 10 low traffic sites . The EC2 and RDS on Amazon I thought would run me about $30 a month, but lately my costs have been skyrocketing to $70+ a month.  Most of which are from I/O costs.

So I have made the move to DigitalOcean for an amazing price of $5 per month.  I may have to move up to their $10 a month plan once all my sites are moved over.

The server is amazingly fast and now I will test how reliable I find them.