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Month: September 2012

How to choose a new tablet? – Nook vs Kindle vs Nexus 7 – and the winner is….

How to choose a new tablet? – Nook vs Kindle vs Nexus 7 – and the winner is….

I have had my Nook tablet for about a year now.  Since day one I have been running custom ROM on it.  After adding the custom ROM it really has been the best tablet you could buy for $200.  I use it all the time, while my 10″ tablet never got used.  if i was going to bring something that big I was gonna bring my laptop. With all the new offerings this year, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD, Nexus 7 and iPads.  I am selling my tablets and buying something new.

Choosing an ecosystem: What do you want to do with it?

The first thing you need to do is figure out where you content is already.   I am solidly in the android camp. I have alot of apps.  I am not going to rebuy those apps for an iPad, so that is off my list, also I like the 7″ size. While I love my nook, one of the reason I am looking to upgrade is that I am tired of hacking it and having bugs.  I have no B&N content so I am not interested in the stock Nook software. I am ruling out the Nook HD and company as well.

Unfortunately, I have alot of content on both Google Play and Amazon.  I love them both.

I have been waiting for the new Kindle Fire HD and I was really hoping they would open up the ecosystem a bit, but expectantly I was disappointed.  HEY AMAZON: Thank you for building the Fire and bringing the price down for 7″ tablets, but I don’t think this is a long term plan.  Please offer your skin and software to other Android tablets (The Amazon video player). There in lie my problem and Amazon’s problem.  The Fire HD is a great device, but it is really only going to let me bring my Amazon content.

My phone is the Google Nexus, and frankly I love the simple stock OS that just works. No hacking no nothing. all the features and they work and you get the Android updates FAST.

The Nexus 7 will be my tablet.  I can have all my Amazon content and my Google play content on the same device. I also get the clean and powerful Stock Android OS that I love about my Nexus phone.  I can even get the Nook features if I want them.  All with no hacking or cracking or side loading. It just works.

Note: I think Amazon and B&N’s business model is only viable until the rest of the population learns to use a tablet. I think when Fire and Nook owners go for their 2nd tablet, they are going to want more features. and on a full featured Android tablet they can get it all.

Home office organization and upgrade -Part 1: Starting the Plan

Home office organization and upgrade -Part 1: Starting the Plan

Starting the Plan

I am working back in my home office again full time ( except for my offshore site visits) and a few things have changed for me that complicate my home office setup.  I need to clean up and organize.

My Current Inventory

My Computers : Desktop machine, my 15-Inch Ultrabook, and 2 x 22in monitors

Phones: I currently have 4 SIP lines ,1 Home VOIP line,  a cell phone, and Skype

Printer: HP Color LaserJet 2600n

Problem 1: Desk Space:  I need more Desk sapce. With 2 monitors, a phone, speakers, keyboard, mouse and laptop, I have no room for paper or things I am working on.

Problem 2: Multi-monitor support for my Laptop,  I only have HDMI out.

Problem 3: I need to do work on my desktop and my laptop,  how do I manage this?

Problem 4: WIRES!  I need some cable management.

Problem 5: Storage and NAS. This is a big issue for me right now.  I have data in so many places,  I have videos and photos, my entertainment media.

Problem 6: Power filtering and Surge protection

Problem 7: Workflow,  Need to better orginize how things (paper, bills, work items) come in to the office and get sorted

Problem 8: Clutter: This office is also home to other functions and non essential items need to be removed.


Where ya been?

Where ya been?

As you can tell, I post to my blog when I can, not on some set schedule.    I run this blog for fun and to test things out and a good place to get feedback on some ideas and questions I have.  We the last 30-45 days has been crazy and I have not had time to post stuff even tho I wanted too.  For those that care,  here is what has changed and what is coming up.

I have now changed companies, I was hoping for some time off in between, but that didn’t happen( good and bad).

I have moved back from my apartment in California to my house in NJ.

My new position keeps me working from my Home office most of the time, but I will have to make my normal offshore travel every so often.

With that said,  working from home again has prompted me to upgrade my home office and that will be the topic of next few blog posts.

Well I gotta jump on a plane,  will post this to the site when i am back in the Office.