Month: July 2011

Samsung Vibrant – ROM Team Whisky

Since my problems with CM7 and the gps.,  I have moved on to Team Whisky ‘s Bioniox 1.3.1 and have been very happy. The room is fast and stable and the gps works.   I did have to flush the gps settings to get the gps to...

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Samsung Vibrant – cyanogen mod 7

I have run CM7 on my other phones and my tablet.   CM is a known quality provider so they were the easy choice, but I jumped without looking. I installed CM7 with no problems, the lag was gone and everything ran...

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Samsung Vibrant – Lag, slow and boring

My T-mobile Vibrant is going on a year old now.   Early on I was running a custom Rom just to get android Fryo 2.2.  Eventually Samsung and T-mobile officially offered an upgrade to Froyo. Many people complained about a lag on...

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