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Month: July 2011

Samsung Vibrant – ROM Team Whisky

Samsung Vibrant – ROM Team Whisky

Since my problems with CM7 and the gps.,  I have moved on to Team Whisky ‘s Bioniox 1.3.1 and have been very happy.

The room is fast and stable and the gps works.   I did have to flush the gps settings to get the gps to work,  but now it locks on lighting fast.

This rom has made me like my phone again and I have written these last 3 post from it.   I was starting to shop for a new phone,  but it looks like I will hang on to this one for a while.

Samsung Vibrant – cyanogen mod 7

Samsung Vibrant – cyanogen mod 7

I have run CM7 on my other phones and my tablet.   CM is a known quality provider so they were the easy choice, but I jumped without looking.

I installed CM7 with no problems, the lag was gone and everything ran smoothly….  Until the next day….

The next day I had to visit a friend in downtown San Francisco,  so I fired up google navigation on my phone and couldn’t get a gps lock.   The whole 30 min drive it showed searching for gps.

I managed to scrape by and find my way,  but when I got home I found some very disturbing information about CM7 on the vibrant……  The gps doesn’t work.

Buried in the faq they state that it doesn’t work, but this should be big bold letters at the top,   but it is my favorite trusting them and not doing all the research.

I went on to find my next ROM…………

Samsung Vibrant – Lag, slow and boring

Samsung Vibrant – Lag, slow and boring

My T-mobile Vibrant is going on a year old now.   Early on I was running a custom Rom just to get android Fryo 2.2.  Eventually Samsung and T-mobile officially offered an upgrade to Froyo.

Many people complained about a lag on the phone and XDA was ripe with lag fixes.  I seemed unaffected by the lag….

After a few months of running the stock firmware I started to notice a lag, but I was lazy and didn’t bother to go back to a custom ROM.   After about six months I started to hate my phone due to lag and lack of stability.

I soon started my search for my next ROM……