Month: October 2010

Getting Drivers for a Blitzz BWU713

I have this old USB Wireless G adaptor from Biltzz technologies laying around. Every now and then it comes in handy but widows dosent not have drivers built in.  I have the setup disk but I was on a net book with no drive and...

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Google TV Available in stores now

A stop by my local Best Buy and they have The Logitech Revue in stock and available to buy. I was very tempted to pick it up,  but i am still holding out, as I think cheaper devices are right around the corner.  I currently love...

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Learning GIT, Dev machine setup

Ok,  I think I got it now. So a last week I wrote about setting a dev machine using RackSpaceCloud.  that was running fine,  but I was having issues getting my Cloud Dev Box, my Local Dev Box, My laptop Dev Box and GitHub all...

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I have installed the plugin(a WordPress to plugin) and the updated my API Key,  but it is not sending updated to my account.  Any ideas why this is not working and how to fix it? I am not even getting a...

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