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Month: June 2007

Looking for ACER DEP Error?

Looking for ACER DEP Error?

Sorry google has not updated. Click here to find what your looking for ACER MSN DEP ERROR

As I recently posted in one of the comments, I just got back from a week in Vegas Baby!!!! I found a great deal on Luxor’s website directly. $89.00 bucks a night for 5 nights. Wow, that is a great deal for a Major Hotel in Vegas…. It is break time, ill finish this later.

I know I haven’t finished this post, but I did what to put some more notes about it before I forget.

The Luxor sent to a customer satisfaction survey and I can tell you I went to town on them. Then, I didn’t hear from them for over a month. Then they offered me a free night stay, You can see the email chain below.

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