10" Tablet vs 7" Tablet – which is better?

I have had a 10″ Viewsonic G-tab for about a year and I also have a 7″ Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet for about 4 months.  When it comes down to choosing, you have to first decode what your going to use it for.

There are literally dozens of Tablets to choose from.

Do you need tablet?:
While alot of people think they need a tablet, they soon find out that it becomes a paper weight that collects dust. Here are some ideas where I see people actually use their tablet

Uses of a tablet:

  1. Kids toy-The people I see getting the most use out of a tablet are kids,  tons of good stuff to keep kids entertains and educated. The down fall is the pricier tablets could get ruined.
  2. Laptop replacement– If all you do is very light email, facebook, and some minor web browsing, then you may be able to get away from having a laptop. If this is what your thinking of, and 10″ tablet is a must.
  3. TV browsing tool– I hear alot of people only pick-up and blow the dust off thier tablet is when they are sitting in front of the boob tube.  I find my self only using my tablet at home when I am in front of the TV or on the throne.
  4. Travel companion– This is the main reason I have a tablet, I travel alot and I want something easy and light to drag on the plane with me, carry alot of movies, audio, and books, and have a killer battery life.
Due to my needs I have found a 7″ tablet is perfect.  I also I really like my hacked nook because the battery life is outstanding.  I do alot of 10+ hour long flights and my nook lasts the whole time.

Tablets made Obsolete:

I could be wrong, but for most people I think tablets are going to obsolete soon or just merged with ultrabooks.  The one thing I hate, is that I still have to carry a laptop and a tablet.  With the arrival of the new 2nd gen Ultrabooks and the trend of bigger Cell Phones, I soon see myself only carrying a cell and an ultrabook.  The almost 5′ display on most newer cell phones is plenty big for watching a tv episode on a plane and the ultrabook is about the same size and wight of a 10″ tablet when you really need to get some work done.

One thought on “10" Tablet vs 7" Tablet – which is better?

  1. David Lakin says:

    I totally agree. I alsoo have the G-tab (rooted CM7) and a Kindle Fire. . .Love my 7″ tab. . .Been thinking about getting a Google Nexus 7 too (and we alreadh have an iPad 2 in the house) so does one person really need three tabs?

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