512px-CERN_Server_03As I wrote in my previous post, I have moved my sites off Amazon EC2 to a Droplet at DigitalOcean.

This is not a detailed step by step, but this is broad strokes that I used to move my EC2 Ubuntu WordPress site to my DigitalOcean Ubuntu LAMP droplet.

I was running 10 plus WordPress sites on one mirco EC2.  several are using WP multisite.  The database was an RDS store.

Step 1.  Download a copy of my  /var/www directory

Step 2. Do a MySql dump of the database

Step 3. Upload the /var/www to the new server

Step 4. Restore the mySql dump file on the new server

Step 5. Setup MySql permissions and edit WP congif files to match.

Step 6. Copy vHost files and run a2ensite

Step 7.Point domain names to new ip address

Step 8. Give www-data the proper write access.

Step 9. TEST TEST TEST the sites on the new server

Step 10. Shutdown EC2 instance and Delete EC2 and RDS.

Bonus Step 11. Pocket the $65 a month I am saving